Experienced plumber ready to add gas engineering to your skillset?


If you are already an experienced plumber and you are looking to add Gas work to your skills then you're in luck! Here at Able Skills, we run tailored Gas courses that are specifically designed for those of you who are already working out in the industry as a plumber. The two skills use very similar techniques, for one they both work with pipes, and the familiarity with heating systems, for example, is shared.


Gas Courses

Gas Training Courses at Able Skills


Now...These courses are called Qualified Plumber Gas Training Packages. There are three of them and they are separate packages because they each include a diffrent number of Gas courses within them. Let's take a look at the 3 different packages: 

Qualified Plumber Gas Training Package 1:


Qualified Plumber Gas Training Package 1 is 5-weeks in total and consists of Domestic Gas Safety Training. Upon successful completion, you will earn a  Bpec Gas Foundation Certificate - To gain this certificate you will need to complete a written and online examination to prove that you have understood and learnt correctly over the courses period. Over the 5-weeks you will cover a variety of topics including:

  • Gas safety controls
  • Pipe sizing
  • Gas rates / Heat inputs
  • Flueing
  • Appliance installation and servicing
  • Ventilation
  • Unsafe situations

Qualified Plumber Gas Training Package 2:


Qualified Plumber Gas Training Package 2 is made up of 3 separate stages, the first the course outlined in package one, resulting in a Bpec Gas Foundation Certificate. The first stage will be covering the exact same subjects - this is obviously to lay the foundation of knowledge. The additional differences are to offer more on top of this baseline Gas training.

The second stage is work placement portfolio completion; Part of the process of becoming Gas Safe registered is to prove your competence whilst working on various aspects of gas. This will need to be undertaken under the supervision of a Gas Safe registered Engineer whereby a portfolio is completed detailing the gas work that has been done, supported by photographic evidence and signed by your Gas Safe registered Engineer (You can find the engineer yourself, or if you can't, then we can provide one for a fee.).

The third and final stage of this package is ACS or Approved Certification Scheme. Which is an industry-wide recognised 'test of competence' and will act as proof to employers and clients that you are capable and able to carry out work correctly and safely... It is also needed when applying to become 'Gas Safe Registered'.

Qualified Plumber Gas Training Package 3:


Qualified Plumber Gas Training Package 3 is the complete package and includes everything needed to begin work in the world of Gas, it is the best way for a professional plumber to make the steps towards becoming comfortable and professional in the trade. This course will give you the complete ability to perform Gas work.

Meaning that the following is included: 

  • Bpec Gas Foundation Certificate
  • Portfolio
  • ACS

Additionally included in the largest training package is our Boiler Fault Finding course. This course is full of practical activities and will provide you with access to a range of boilers, old and new; in an attempt to provide you with as much knowledge as possible. This course will give you a great insight into the workings of different boilers so that you are able to confidently repair and service boilers once you are working as a Gas Engineer.

Want some more information?


If you require some more information about any of the Gas courses and options for Qualified Plumbers talked about throughout this article. Then you can contact us easily and simply via calling 08081003245! Or, you can come into our office and we can discuss your options in terms of Gas courses or other training any day of the week we are oven Monday - Sunday between 8:30 & 16:30...

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Gas courses

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