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Expert offers suggestions of work for plumbing course students

Homeowners have been offered a series of recommendations regarding improvements around the house and garden that could be carried out by engineers who have completed plumbing courses.

Writing for the Independent Online, Don McAlistair described how it is important to plan ahead when designing a bathroom, particularly if it is going to be used by the whole family.

But he urged people not to spend money unnecessarily when bringing in professionals with plumbing course training, suggesting that bidets and spa-type baths can be expensive and often rarely utilised.

In terms of the outside of a home, Mr McAlistair remarked: "Just as you can't have too many electricity sockets indoors, you can't have too many taps in the garden for watering, filling the pool or pond, etc."

This week, Global Industry Analysts released its report on plumbing fittings and predicted that the resurgence of residential construction activity could see the market grow to nearly $50 million (