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Fancy a career change, but don't have the time?

Fancy a career change, but don't have the time? We have the solution!


Looking to break the routine? Maybe even a career change? Here at Able Skills, we can give you the absolute best construction training there is, though our great facilities to our amazing instructors!

So...You've seen all this attention on the construction industry, the talk of increased wages, new projects and schemes and you want to get involved? It's true! The construction industry is going through something of a boom and the catalyst is the massive population increase, more and more people are living in the UK. Especially in urban city's and this means new infrastructure, new housing, new commercial building and so much more.


Plastering Weekend Construction Courses!


Too busy to take a course?


If the thing that is stopping you is a lack of time in the week, maybe you are already working Monday to Friday or you can't get out of commitments, we offer our range of construction trades over the weekends! There is absolutely no excuse for not taking the risk and changing your life forever if you're sick and tired of your day job and want a career that is rewarding, fast-paced, physical and profitable then there is no reason not to give it a try! We even have Introductory classes that can be taken over a series of two consecutive weekends! 

All the construction trades we offer: 

Technical courses are also available on weekends, click here for information! 

The majority of our courses can be taken over weekends, if you're looking at a particular course but you're not sure if it can be taken over a series of weekends then do not hesitate to call us at - 0808 100 3245

Having the flexibility to take a course over a series of weekends means that you can study alongside your existing job! We understand it can be difficult to train towards something new when you have to work during the week and can't commit to long-term and full-time course that is why we offer these options.

Will it be worth as much?


It doesn't mean that you will gain a lesser qualification in any way you can become a fully qualified construction worker in any trade. The difference is it will just take you a much longer time to make up the experience that people will have taking a full-time course. The only difference is the time it will take you to complete the course!

Want some more information? 


If you would like to get some more information about any of our construction courses then click the links throughout this article for information on specific courses. If you would like to book a course or just ask about our facilities in general then you can come to our office unannounced anytime between 8:30 -4:30. We are open 7 days a week and our staff will be happy to show you around and answer any questions you may have! For booking and queries please call - 0808 100 3245

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