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Female plumber breaks down gender divide to start own firm

A female plumber is breaking down the gender divide and setting up her own business in the traditionally male-dominated plumbing arena.

Kily Edwards has launched CK Plumbing: Biggleswade Plumbing Services following the successful completion of her training course.

Kily, 37, told Biggleswade Today: “My husband was facing redundancy at his full time job and he looked into plumbing for him originally. I said ‘wouldn’t it be a good idea if we both do it as a family business?’ He wasn’t made redundant but I said I would do it while we are waiting.

“It’s a long term plan as he will join me and there will always be apprenticeships for our three boys”, she added.

Kily also explained to the newspaper that she was looking forward to breaking down the expectation that all plumbers were male, and said that she is confident she is the first female plumber to go into business in the area, but hopes she won't be the last.

“There are female plumbers about but it’s hardly any at all. We were hoping I’d have the edge on the market in that some people don’t like a man in the house. I hope they can call on me and feel a lot safer.

“I am one of five girls and we were always raised being told we can do anything and I’ve always liked the idea of doing what is stereotypically a man’s job...My middle son said ‘mum you are making history!’”