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Female Plumbers Urgently Needed!

Even though, a major trade skills training centre will always see a regular small number of female students who wish to enrol on courses to train to be a plumber or learn tiling, it has been estimated that six per cent of people are unaware that female plumbers even exist!This is all the more remarkable, as a new study has found that 57 per cent of respondents polled claimed they wanted to see more women in the plumbing industry, showing quite clearly there is an obvious demand for more female plumbers!Back in 2001, an Equal Opportunities Commission report stated there were only 17 registered female plumbers! The figures seemed to confirm the opinion of the Commission that women had traditionally been directed into gender-oriented careers such as childcare, and were less aware or encouraged to look at alternative opportunities.Plumbing, in common with other construction trade skills had always been looked upon as a traditionally male-dominated industry - 9 per cent polled said 'plumbing was a man's job' - although in recent years, attitudes have changed and many people believe qualified female plumbers are just as capable of doing the job as their male counterparts. Many local authorities across the UK are now trying to attract more women into the trades, including plumbing.Another finding from the recent study revealed that 12 per cent of respondents said they would feel safer and more at ease hiring a female plumber to do the job, especially, of course, the elderly and vulnerable. It is an unfortunate fact, that because elderly people have been taken advantage of by men in the workplace, they in particular, would appreciate more female representation within the industry.In today's uncertain employment climate, gender roles with regards work abilities and opportunities are going to become less important. Career changes for both men and women needing income in new work areas are likely only to increase. Trained and qualified personnel in trade skills are always in demand, especially in the residential sector and unlikely to change, no matter any fluctuations in the marketplace.The City & Guilds NVQ Plumbing 6129 level 2 course is open to all interested to learn to become a plumber, regardless of previous experience and abilities. Many flexible options are always available to cater for differing schedules, which means the ability to learn Plumbing Theory at Home or train on weekend plumbing courses. Once achieving the first step, a student is able to proceed onto the next required training level and develop knowledge and skills which will provide a secure springboard to launch a rewarding new career, whether you're male or female!