In recent years, career switching has never been more easier! There are is literally a course for every subject you can think of and when it comes to a professional trade skill such as plumbing, you can just about choose any which way you like to find out if it's what you really want to do.If the real reason however, is that you want to carry out some plumbing repairs around the home to save money, just to be on the safe side whilst the credit crunch keeps biting, don't be tempted to do it yourself with a mate 'who once passed a spanner to his Dad up in the loft and knows something about it' - you must get the proper information and training, otherwise you run the risk of causing serious damage and end up worse off, financially!

A domestic plumbing course of only 5 or 10 days will take you to a level that will ensure you have the skills, confidence and ability to undertake most domestic plumbing jobs. If you can only find time after the end of the working week, then the DIY Plumbing Training at the weekends is a great way to learn all you need to know how to fix that annoying dripping tap as well as separate Weekend Plumbing Courses.

If you're thinking of saving yourself a fortune on installing a new bathroom, complete with doing all the plastering and tiling that will be involved, then in only three weeks, you can be trained and ready to go. Once finished, you may even decide to go into business as a Complete Bathroom Installer!Full NVQ Level 2 training is of course an absolute requirement if you are serious about a career change and a proper City & Guilds Accredited course has to be undertaken. Getting your head around the considerable amount of knowledge you need to have will take time, so the Plumbing Home Study Course takes all the pressure off - by learning the theory at home, you take it at your own pace and in your own time!

When the practical training starts, you will already feel you're halfway to becoming a fully-fledged plumber, as you will have learnt so much.In fact, your mate will be soon holding the spanner for you!