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Plumbing Courses at Able Skills

Eduardo is one of the latest students undergoing the Introduction to Plumbing Course this week. Being held in one of our Plumbing Centres, Eduardo made his return to Able Skills to bag another City & Guilds certificate after he previously enrolled onto our Plastering and Decorating Courses. Today we'll find out a bit more about what his plans are and how he's enjoyed his training so far!

So Why This Course Eduardo And What Were You Doing Before?

Well I actually signed up for the Handy Man Course to get a solid understanding of multiple trades and do some DIY. Having done the Plastering and Decorating, I was massively impressed with Able Skills and knew the Plumbing would be on the same level.

Believe it or not, I actually used to work in hospitality as a restaurant manager, before beginning my accountancy qualifications. It's a very different line of work to Plumbing but at the same time it's not too different to working in a restaurant. I'll tell you why... Being an accountant is of course very different but working in a restaurant means you're constantly up on your feet and it's very hands on. It's that part of a job that I really like and it's exactly that which appeals to me about my Plastering, Decorating and Plumbing Courses!

How Are You Finding It?

I love it. Anything that's hands on, I love and I've learnt a lot since being here. Being on my first day on the Introduction to Plumbing Course, I'm already soldering as well as a few of other bits and seeing as I've only been on this course for a couple of hours, that's pretty impressive. The facilities are great and the teaching is really good.

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Able Skills Plumbing Courses are City & Guilds accredited

I already knew this prior to looking at the Plumbing Courses and it met my expectations as well as what I read online with the  reviews left on google and what I saw on Youtube.

What Do You Plan On Doing After?

Well as I said earlier, I want to do a lot of home improvements myself. Once I get them out of the way, I'm going to consider starting up my own handy many business. I enjoy it so why not try and make a living from it. I would love to be self employed and I think this could be my ticket. I would really recommend it to everyone.

If you would like to try the Introduction to Plumbing or one of our Multi Skills Courses, please click on the relevant links to find out more! Of course, don't forget about our other Plumbing Courses too!