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Finding construction work online

A qualified tradesman should not find it too difficult to get construction work online, as long as a few basic rules are followed. Firstly, all qualifications should be explained and readily proven if need be. Do not hesitate to include all qualifications, no matter how basic they are. Customers like to see that a tradesman has lengthy experience and has worked their way up in different aspects within their trade. This is the vital way to gain trust and therefore a good reputation as a tradesman.

Another thing that will build up a good reputation and therefore lead to finding more construction work online is to obtain quotes from happy customers to forward on to other potential customers. This is particularly effective if you have your own website to include it on, or if you have leaflets or business cards. A proven portfolio of pieces or finished work is also very useful.

In terms of finding the actual work, look around on forums for people that need work undertaken, or sign up to a tradesman site detailing your experience. Often, word of mouth is one of the most effective ways of getting work, but of course, this needs to be kick started by the initial customers.

Another way to find additional work online is to add another skill to your CV. For example, bricklaying courses or plastering courses add extra merit for plumbers or decorators, as a final quote will then not involve having to get additional workmen in.