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Flexible Gas Courses!

Saying you're going to train towards a new goal is one thing, but actually going ahead and doing it is another. Our Gas Courses are able to accommodate for those who wish to train full time as well as part time.

Completely new to the trade? Well luckily for you, we provide New Entrants Gas Courses that are designed specifically for you. Whether it's the full time 7 week Gas Course you're interested in, or you're looking for another way to become a Gas Safe Registered Engineer, come and find out about the exact same training we offer on weekends...

If you're someone who is struggling to find the time Monday to Friday to train towards something new, give our weekend Gas Courses a try! Students will gain the exact same qualification and will still be able to sign up to the Gas Safe Register as a competent Gas Engineer!

gas courses Able Skills Gas Courses are Bpec Accredited

You may even find that you'd like to undergo further Gas Courses like the Boiler Fault Finding Course. This is essential for anyone looking to diagnose boiler faults and comes in really handy for those seeking more money!

For more information on the above and a full list of all the Gas Courses we offer, please click here.