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Flooding, Drainage and Digital Plumbing!

In recent years, the UK, in common with other countries, has been on the receiving end of what appears to be unusually, excessive rainfall and land flooding. Whether the cause is due to major shifting climate change, or periodical, abnormal weather patterns is the big debate.We know that in the UK, flooding has always occurred in one or more areas, every year, and costs millions of pounds in repairing the damage caused to thousands of homes, businesses and agricultural land. Property and landowners have shouldered the main responsibility for safeguarding their properties, but often passed onto plumbing contractors to sort out. Now the government is stepping in to take more precautions against flooding.The government have launched a new scheme in Gloucestershire to help deal with potential drainage problems, which should make life much easier for plumbers! They have produced digital drainage maps so any ongoing drainage issues can be identified early enough in order to be able to fix it before escalating into a more serious matter.The drainage contractors will use portable equipment that can receive GPS location data to show chambers, manholes, catch pits and the drains location to be recorded. Although the procedure is so far being operated in Cheltenham and Gloucester, other councils have already shown a lot of interest in the new scheme.Domestic customers can hire local drainage companies to map drains in land around their homes to obtain a record of where any pipes run beneath the ground, whether a smallholding or a detached property with a large back garden.The development of technology like GPS within the plumbing industry has been greatly facilitated in recent years with the urgent concerns of climate change as a result of man made carbon emissions. This has led rapidly to the renewable sources concept and the bringing in of green energy, now playing an increasingly important role in plumbing services.Anyone who wants to train to be plumber, has many exciting course options to learn the specific skills of solar energy or heat pumps installation. All students will be required to start their career path on the industry recognised and approved City & Guilds NVQ Plumbing 6129 level 2 course, which provides all the underpinning knowledge and practical skills?