plumbing coursesWord of mouth? Good reviews online? Both are excellent starting points for finding the right courses that suits you. Today we talk about how one of our Plumbing Courses attracted the attention of 21 year old Sam Cole who recently left university to pursue a more hands on role.

plumbing coursesThe young student had been studying Sport Science at Southampton University and decided it wasn't for him. Sam said he didn't see the point in doing anything he didnt enjoy and it wasn't until he turned to the construction industry that he realised what he wanted to do and enrolled on the Level 2 Plumbing Course.

Financially, he also said there is alot of potential for a great career in years to come as something long lasting with great prospects only makes for a good living. Sam said he was happy our Plumbing Courses are City & Guilds accredited as it was during his research on the sector that he soon recognised how much weight a City & Guilds qualification held not only in the UK, but worldwide too.

Sam knew he that the accreditation and reviews of the courses were good, but hadnt seen where he would be learning. This lead to him visiting our centre to take a closer look at our facilities.

Coming towards the end of his course, Sam said 'the facilities definitely lived up to how good they looked. I had plenty of space with an unlimited amount of tools which helped me to work at my own pace'. Sam also went on to mention that his instructor made things really easy for him to learn!

Below are some reviews that Sam had read which really caught his attention and made him want to find out more. Taken from our Independent Review Website, here are just a few of them:

R. Dos Santos - 07/04/18

Overall the course was fantastic, very professional, very intense and hard at times. However, I leave the centre confident enough to start working as a plumber. A special thanks to both Mike and Jim for all the support, they are fantastic tutors. Many thanks, I will be back to do more courses in the future.

Overall Rating - Excellent

plumbing courses

W. Connor – 02/03/18

Sam, Jim, John and Jade are all amazing people and are just some of the fantastic staff they have at Able Skills, especially when I came into visit John was very impressive. They were very helpful throughout and polite and professional.

Overall Rating - Excellent

J. Taylor – 17/11/2017

I found the course to be extremely informative, providing a good balance between theory work in the classroom and the practical tasks in the workshop. Instructors were very supportive throughout giving clear and concise feedback to help develop my skills and knowledge. I would definitely recommend the centre to others and hope to come back for more courses.

Overall Rating - Excellent

We're to help Sam discover what he wants to do through his transition from a University Degree. If you would like to follow see what our Plumbing Courses could do for your career then click here.

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