An electrician's fundamental training is all about learning the skills for use every day to repair or add electrics to domestic or commercial premises. You will find out the correct way to run new wires to the right spot to control a light, which outlet box to run wires to add something to a circuit, to know that one junction box may not have a neutral or you can't feed an outlet off another box because the power to it is switched, when to match a black with a white wire - and understand what the red wire is used for.

The likelihood is some or all of this may change in the near future !Computer technology is advancing and taking over every aspect of our lives. You can already buy light switches that have microchips built into them. They can receive signals from other devices and control the lights in your home. Groups of lights can work as one to create moods. For example, you can now use your Iphone to control the lights in your house and create modes. A three way remote control switch can be added to a circuit without even adding wires. Ceiling fans come with remote so you can control them from your bed.

The way homes are currently wired can be labour intensive and not very flexible. In the future, houses may become less complicated to be wired up. The difference could be in how we control the devices on our home electrical system. Microchip controlled switches will become cheap enough that they could be incorporated into every light. That would get rid of complicated wiring circuits such as three way circuits and switch legs. Every single light would just need a simple feed. That is just a black, white and a ground.

The same thing would be true at the locations where you would want to control your lighting. Instead of light switches in each room you would have control panels powered with simple feeds. These panels would use your house network to control the switches built into each light. You would be able to tell each control panel to act whatever way you want. Ever panel could be a timer, a dimmer, and a mood setter. They could also work other parts of the house like the radio or drapes.

All this will affect how we wire a house and ultimately, the type of electrical skills training required in the future. 'Green energy' is now an urgent issue and this will only increase and be reflected in the type of energy efficient electrical appliances and components that will be manufactured to strict regulations.

AbleSkills, as a leading training provider of City & Guilds accredited NVQ level electrical training, is keen to ensure their courses are 'futureproof' and students are thoroughly taught all aspects of any new legislation requirements and latest electrical installation methods.