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Gas Course Instructors Give Tips On Keeping Homes Warm!

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Our Gas Course instructors are industry experts who have a total of over 100 years worth of experience between them! With that said, it would be pretty foolish to not listen to any free tips they give us when it comes to keeping our homes warm when it gets chilly. To have such advice from guys who are training the gas engineers of tomorrow through our various Gas Courses is certainly worth listening to! Preventing heat loss is something we can all relate to in the winter as not only is the cold unpleasant, but maintaining an efficient home can help cut down our bills too!

So let's begin...

Bleed your radiators!

Bleeding your radiators is something we can all forget to do from time to time but it really is a necessary step to keeping warm. Give your radiators a check up tonight and be on the look out for any cold spots. This means that air isn't circulating around as it should be. Although the task of bleeding your radiators sounds daunting, it's a relatively simple task! All you need is a radiator key!


We mentioned earlier about how not running an efficient home leads to high bills! Well without proper insulation, heat can obviously easily escape through walls, floors, doors, windows and even your roof (hot air rises). It may be worth inspecting your home to see where you can insulate better! It could even be something simple placing a carpet over your flooring!


We all know someone who always leaves the window open when they shouldn't! But it shouldn't feel like there's a draft when it really is closed! Small cracks in or around the window can make a massive difference to keeping the warm in. If possible, it may be worth the investment of having your windows double or even triple glazed to keep that extra bit of warmth in!


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It's likely that not many people have chimneys today and have had them replaced with electric and gas fire chimneys. This is probably due to the fact that having a huge open chimney to the cold air isn't the best idea when it comes to preventing heat loss! If you still haven't replaced yours, our Gas Instructors would recommend you get yours capped by a professional.

Boiler service!

Make sure you get your heating system serviced annually! With the average person not being a Gas Engineer, you could be missing something you had no idea about! It's vital that you make sure your boiler service is up to date to not only help you save on bills, but to make sure you're not putting yourselves in danger either!

Some good tips there, but such tips simply don't scratch the surface when it comes to the actual Gas Training Courses! It's no wonder why our Gas Courses are booked months ahead in advance! Whether it be full time or part time you're looking for, Able Skills can cater for your needs and even guarantee you a work portfolio placement to kick start your journey to becoming Gas Safe Registered! If you would like to find out more, please click here.