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Gas Safe Register launch new 'Don't Cut Corners With Gas' Campaign

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(Gas Safe Register)

Raising the awareness of Gas Safety remains a huge issue as many still allow for illegal gas work to do be done in their homes. With such hazardous conditions, one must begin to question how this can affect the loved ones around us. It is reported that London for example has a shocking 75% of homes that have such illegal work done and are not deemed safe. This means tradesmen have not become registered with Gas Safe and potentially have not even undertaken relevant Gas Courses to become qualified!

This has given the Gas Safe Register all the more reason to launch their new campaign with the intention to raise awareness of such topic and remind people to not 'Cut Corners' when it comes to Gas Safety. The register is simply there for a reason and for the public to not check if who they have hired is a Gas Safe engineer, can prove to be detrimental and cost home owners a substantial amount when rectifying mistakes and faulty work. Have a listen to the radio advert Gas Safe have released:

Gas Safe remind the public that it is their responsibility to ensure they hire a Gas Safe Engineer, but it is campaigns such as the above that will make us think twice about who we let into our homes. It urges the public to 'trust the triangle' and to please question which gas courses they have undertaken.

The campaign also includes an online video which Gas Safe hope will reach the more than 1 million houses in the UK which are affected by unsafe gas work. Are you guilty of allowing such work into your home? Check the below video advert and ask yourself if its time to have another look at the work you had done.

Johnathan Samuel (Cheif Executive of the Gas Safe Register) said, 'When it comes to Gas Safety our message is clear, you cannot cut corners. Our new campaign highlights the Gas Safe Register as the trusted source to find a qualified and legal gas engineer to work on gas appliances to make sure they're working safely and efficiently'.

Remember, whoever you hire can only be on the Gas Safe Register after completing the relevant Gas Courses. Take a look at some of the Gas Courses that enable tradesmen to deal with your home improvements.