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Gas Safety Regs Landlords Should Know About!

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As of the 1st of June 2019, new laws came about for Landlords which discloses what they need to make sure they do every time a new tenant moves in. Firstly, you're probably asking yourself, hang on, I had no idea there were any new changes? Well that's part of the problem! This is news is for anyone who is of course a Landlord and also for anyone who is an existing Gas Engineer, as well as anyone who is undergoing Gas Training Courses too.

This is because tradesmen like you will be playing a major role in helping Landlords make sure they supply a Gas Safety Certificate amongst other things as explained below by the government:

"Landlords must give tenants the Gas Safety Record; the EPC, and the ‘How to Rent’ guide; and they must have smoke detectors in place and check them on the day the tenant moves in etc. etc…"

There is tremendous pressure on the rental sector to ensure laws and regulations are being met with particular pressure emerging in recent years. More and more cases are making the news with stories relating to faulty gas work, properties being repossessed and more recently the case of East Kent Housing who failed to provide a Gas Safety Certificate for hundreds of homes. It's stories like these which helps us see exactly why the government is making changes but as we stated earlier, why do more people not know about the new Tenant Fees Act which has now been in place for over a month!

More On The Tenant Fees Act

Here's what the act sets out to do:

  • The highly-anticipated Tenant Fees Act will save renters across England £240 million a year
  • It means tenancy deposits are capped and landlords and agents are banned from charging unnecessary fees
  • This is all part of the government’s work to make the housing market fairer for everyone

Here's What Communities Secretary Rt Hon James Brokenshire MP had to say:


From today, tenants will no longer be stung by unreasonable costs from agents or landlords, thanks to the implementation of the Tenant Fees Act.

This Act bans unnecessary letting fees and caps the majority of deposits at 5 weeks’ rent – helping renters keep more of their hard-earned cash. Alongside our recent announcement to scrap no fault evictions in the sector, this will make renting fairer and more transparent – creating a housing market that works for everyone.

What Else Does This Mean For Gas Engineers?

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Simple put, this means the demand for Gas Engineers remains high as more rented homes demand Gas Work to be carried out. Just look at the East Kent Housing scandal... Hundreds of homes are without a Gas Safe Certificate opening room for multiple Qualified Gas Engineers to swoop in and provide all necessary work!

Only for those who are qualified of course however. Rogue traders stay away! You must have previously undergone Gas Training Courses, completed your Gas Portfolio and passed your ACS Exams to claim the prestigious title of a Gas Safe Registered Engineer.

We're sure you'll hear more about The Tenant Fees Act in the future and if you want to find out more about any Gas Training Courses that can help your career, please click here!