At Able Skills training centre we take gas safety very seriously. We prepare our training Gas Engineers for Gas Safe Registration. Being on the register is a legal requirement here in the UK for anybody looking to work with gas appliances.

The Gas Safe Register host an awareness week every year! This year the event will be running between the 13th - 19th of September 2021. The purpose is to raise awareness of gas safety and the importance of taking care of your gas appliances.

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What is the importance of Gas Safety Week?

People do not tend to worry themselves about the importance of Gas Safety within their homes. So, the Gas Safe Register do their part every year to raise awareness around the topic. Gas is unstable in unsafe hands, in fact, over 80% of UK adults at risk of missing ‘hangover like’ carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms!

Findings like this are particularly concerning. Figures suggest that 5.5 million homes in the UK are known to have unsafe gas appliances. Giving the public more insight on the subject and how to remain safe at home is important. The Gas Safe Register also provide guidance for Gas Engineers and carry out their own investigations on reports of illegal gas work.


Interested in becoming a Gas Engineer?

Here at Able Skills we can make that goal a reality. We offer clear and effective Gas Engineer courses that can teach you to become a professional from scratch. The training that we offer is hands-on and will involve both practical tasks and theory training to get you familiar with the theory behind the trade.

We don't just help you go from A - B but from A - Z. All the way from zero experience to being ready to register with Gas Safe. Our New Entrant Gas Training Package 2  is the perfect training option for somebody looking to learn right from the basics.

This intensive training course includes everything you need; 7-weeks of hand-on learning, portfolio completion and an ACS assessment - all of which are required to become a 'Gas Safe' Engineer.

How do I apply to the Gas Safe Register?

In order to meet the requirements for Gas Safe Registration you must complete an ACS Assessment. An Accredited Certification Scheme is an industry-recognised qualification and allows trainee gas engineers to demonstrate their competence to manage a range of gas work including domestic gas, boiler repair, installation and so on.

By the end of your training here at our centre you will have achieved this qualification. To the apply with the Gas Safe Register check out their website at or alternatively you can download a registration form. and send it off. The process is pretty simple and costs £347 for a new application. Which will cover you for one year.

Ready to get started?

If you would like some more information about our range of Gas Engineer courses then feel free to give us a call on 01322 280 202. We are more than happy to take bookings over the phone and help answer any questions that you have about the process of becoming a Gas Engineer from start to finish!

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Our Gas Engineer courses result in industry recognised qualifications.