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Get Decorating now!

Painting & Decorating is a trade that is involved in all construction work, usually towards the end of the work. On housing projects they will be the ones to come in and apply the finishing touches to the houses or buildings to make them more appealing to potential buyers. Fair to say, Decorators have a pretty important role.

This is an extremely popular option at the moment as the huge demand for Decorators is higher than ever due to increasing number of housing projects in the UK and it is a great opportunity to gain work.

Also, surprisingly enough summer isn’t too far away and everyone is looking to give their house a fresh and summery look. Whether you want the skills to re-decorate your own home or to gain the skills to be able to work on someone else’s home then we have the right course for you!

Bring out your creative side and start a fresh career in Painting & Decorating. We run courses every week, from introduction courses to long qualification courses. With a chance to gain more work than ever in this industry, it’s the perfect time to get trained up and get working!

The lack of skilled Decorators means that some construction work is being stalled due to the shortage of the skilled workers that can complete the work to the right standard.

If a career change is what you are looking for and you want to express your creative side at work then this is the career for you! The increasing plans for huge housing projects means more and more Decorators will be needed, so you would never be short of work.

Domestic work is also a very popular line of work for Decorators, people are always wanting work done in their homes but don’t have the skills or confidence to do it to a good standard. Let’s just say that now is a great time to come out of that horrible job and start your new career in Decorating as people are waiting for you!

Here is our Painting & Decorating instructor, Mark demonstrating to his students on how to apply paste to the wallpaper correctly.