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At this current moment in time, we have suspended our training courses, including electrician courses however, we still have 'Home-Study' options available for both our Level 2 & Level3 Electirician courses! You can get started straight away learning the theory side of the trade-in your own time, make your time at home productive by getting a head start on your electrical qualification! This option works by providing you with a home-study pack and access to online learning platforms so that you can start getting to grips with the theory, then once we are back in business, you will book time at our centre to learn the hands-on practical skills and take on assessments!


Electrician coureses

Example of a Level 2 'Home-Study' Pack.


How does the process work?


You are effectively replacing your access to an instructor in a classroom environment with a home learning theory pack. As this is the case, we have put together very comprehensive home study electrician packs to ‘replace the tutor’ but we will also provide email contact with one or more of our electrical assessors in case you have any questions not covered in the pack. You will learn the exact same as you would taking on the traditional version of the course, as long as you take your time with this pack and absorb the information we have no doubt that you can successfully complete either qualification. These 4-steps is how the process works if you are looking to complete both your level 2 & 3: 


  1. Firstly, you will receive a 'Home-Study Pack' containing all of the theory needed for the Level 2, with these materials we would expect you to spend at least 3 to 6 months studying and making sure that you have a full understanding of everything you have been provided with, there will even be test questions included so that you can see for yourself if you have retained the information.
  2. Next, and only when you feel confident in your new-found knowledge you will allocate 4-weeks during which you will learn the practical skills needed and complete assessments towards this Level 2 award. These weeks are chosen by you and should be separated.
  3. Third, the process starts again, now we will send you your Level 3 pack and again at your own pace and manner, you will need to work through the theory making sure that you are really committing to learning what you have been presented with. If you do not take the recommended 3 to 6 months you may fall behind when you begin attending our centre for practical training as our instructors will assume you understand the theory surrounding their teachings.
  4. Finally, you will attend our facility, this time for 3-weeks. Again these weeks are chosen by you and should be split up. During this time you will be taught more advanced practical skills and again complete the Level 3 award by way of on-line and written exams.


We hope that by the time you have fully come to a good understanding of the theory we will be back to business as usual and you can attend our training centre for practical learnings, however, as it stands right now, once the course is booked we will send you your 'Home-Study' pack and try to get the most out of it as you can and make sure that you fully understand everything included, there will be some practice questions in the back to give you a chance to test your knowledge. You can also test yourself through websites such as Smartscreen & Other online tests.



Apply now:


You can contact us on 0808 100 3245 to get started with our 'Home-Study' options. Following the government's advice is critical to protecting the NHS and saving lives. However, during this time do your research and take a look through our website at Electrician courses and the many different courses that we offer and prepare yourself as best you can. We are happy to bring you this 'Home-Study' option that you can get started with right away! Many thanks to all of the students bearing with the current situation we will work hard to get you back on track and to aspiring traders we hope to see you soon!


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