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Getting knowledgeable about renewables!

Renewable energy technologies are the big buzz words in construction skills training and the entire team at AbleSkills are committed to ensuring that only accredited and relevant renewable technology training courses are taught by approved and knowledgeable tutors.Unfortunately, dedication to professional training integrity which has distinguished AbleSkills long-standing reputation and is recognised by industry bodies such as the Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors (APHC) can often be found lacking elsewhere.It is precisely because renewable technologies are being seen as the future of the plumbing and heating industry, that the APHC has been sending out frequent warnings of a substantial increase in inadequate training being suddenly offered by outfits jumping aboard the 'green energy' bandwagon.APHC reports point to short courses mushrooming around the country which claim to cover various renewable technologies, yet some of the engineer tutors do not have sufficient depth of experience and knowledge to safely and securely install the new appliances, e.g. Ground Source or Air Source Heat Pumps. The outcome is often incorrect and dangerous installations, leading to additional costly replacement/repairs.However qualified or experienced plumbers are with conventional fuel heating systems they must also recognise the need to update their skills with specialist training instead of viewing, for example, solar hot water as just another heating system.As consumers and companies continue to look into seriously investing into the new energy efficient technologies, it is utterly critical that there are competent and properly trained installers otherwise both the initiative and investment will be compromised.Plumbing and heating trainees need a solid grounding in plumbing and heating. A training centre is responsible to ensure that qualified training commences with the City & Guilds Technical Certificate Plumbing 6129 NVQ Level 2 before going on to NVQ Level 3 - and then train on a recognised renewable technologies course. With many renewable technology installations happening alongside- or as part of existing conventional systems - this training for fully understanding the grounding is crucial. Existing experienced and qualified installers must also undertake and qualify on one of the recognised skills upgrade courses to be fully competent and knowledgeable to install 'green' appliances.