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Government announcement 'good for green energy training apprentices'

In what may well constitute good news for many green energy training apprentices, one industry expert has claimed that there is a "definite need" for new skills and expertise in the renewables sector.

Angela Gallacher from The Renewable Energy, suggested that there could be imminent opportunities for those getting trained in the field, in the development or commission of new renewable technologies for example.

Her comments follow an announcement by Ed Miliband that £20 million of funds are to be invested in the research and development of wave, tidal, fuel cells, solar and energy efficiency.

"Ongoing development into renewable energy technology will only serve to increase the skills needed to move the sector forward," stated Ms Gallacher.

She added that a completely new set of job fields now exist which need to be filled by the up-and-coming generations as more must be done to harness the full potential of renewable energy.