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During these confusing times, it can be difficult knowing whether or not the job that you do counts as 'essential work'. We teach construction and technical trades in an industry full of self-employed tradesmen and women and hope everybody is doing well in this critical time. According to the government, stated on their website the "oil, gas, electricity and water sectors” are key workers meaning they should continue to work, that goes for trades like Plumbing, Gas Engineers, Electricians and so on. However, what if you have a family to look after, no clients due to their fear of somebody being in their home or you need to self-isolate? It's all very confusing but If you are self-employed and have COVID-19 or have been advised to stay at home you can now make a claim for statutory sick pay. Visit the government website for more information.


Self-employed workers across the entire country say they have not received the same level of support at a time when sole traders are under enormous financial strain. An online petition has received nearly 41,000 signatures calling for the Government to “pay self-employed workers a wage due to lack of earnings caused by COVID-19”. See here for the petition and to put down your signature! 


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Obviously, at this moment in time, we are not conducting Electrician courses, Plumbing courses, Gas courses or any other training. Looking for more information? If you would like to learn more about any of our City & Guilds / Bpec training you can give us a call on 0808 100 3245. At this moment in time and with our suspension of training following March 23rd due to the current world-wide pandemic we hope to see you enrol onto our Electrician courses and other training once we are back in action, we will put out more information as the weeks go by, thanks for your cooperation.


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