Government look to help fund training courses in the trade industry!


In the wake of the pandemic many people are losing their jobs, feeling uncertain about their current employment and generally looking for new opportunities. News this morning suggests that the government could be putting together a scheme that will help to retrain people across the country. If you don't have an A-Level or or equivalent qualifications you could be eligible for free trade courses like the training options we provide here at Able Skills starting from April next year...


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Government look to help fund training courses!


Boris Johnson's government aim to invest £2.5 billion to help get people working again after lockdown. If you have ever thought about taking up a trade skill, this could be your opportunity to better yourself, develop and learn new valuable skills that will last a lifetime. When this scheme becomes a reality we can facilitate your learning here at our centre where you are spoiled for choice, we offer; electrician courses, plumbing courses, gas courses, decorating courses, plastering courses, carpentry courses, bricklaying courses and tiling courses.



The government's idea is that although they cannot save every job through plans like the furlough scheme, which has been helpful and vital to many people and business around the country - They can give people the skills to find and create new and better jobs! The trade industry is already in demand for new, qualified workers and this scheme will help thousands of people change their lives for the better. Anybody who is eligible for this opportunity should jump at the chance, with our comprehensive training courses you could even become self-employed after training, for free! Take a look at our full list of trades below...




Do you have any questions?


If you have any questions about the training options that we provide give us a call on 0808 100 3245! Over the phone we are happy to discuss what you are looking to achieve and suggest the right courses to meet those goals. You can also book your place on a course with us on the phone - You are also completely welcome to visit us in person, you can secure your place on a course and even take a guided tour around the centre. Our office is open 7-days a week between the hours of 8:30 - 16:30! 


If you live a considerable distance from our training centre here in Dartford, Kent then you may be thinking about accomodation in the local area. We have our own accomodation available exclusively to our students for the reasonable price of just £20 per night! - If you are interested make sure to contact us ahead of your courses' starting date as spaces are limited! 


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