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Government Loses FIT Appeal

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In news that will interest those looking to take solar pv electrical courses, the Court of Appeal has today ruled that the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) acted unlawfully over planned cuts to the feed-in tariff (FIT).This decision means that solar pv systems installed since December 12th last year and before March 3rd 2012 will receive the higher FIT rates, of 43.3p per kilowatt-hour generated, for the full 25 years.Solar pv systems that are registered on or after March 3rd will qualify for the current higher rate until April 1st when the FIT rates will drop to 21p, as part of government cost-cutting measures which was announced in October.There is likely to be a period of frantic activity and installations as people try to take advantage of the higher FIT rate and those engineers with accredited solar pv qualifications will be best placed to benefit from this.Able Skills is able to provide a wide range of solar installation qualification courses for those engineers looking to enter the renewable power industry at our cutting-edge Renewable Training Centre.The Renewable Energy Association is calling on the government to resolve the instability surrounding the future of the FIT scheme and to start supporting the solar power industry.