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Great Demonstration For One Of Our Plumbing Courses Today!

It's rare to find teaching as good as this with our industry expert instructor Ben guiding students on the Introduction To Plumbing Course! We thought we would capture the moment and showcase it to the rest of the world as we want to give you guys a better insight into exactly what goes on with our Plumbing Courses.

Students gather round the instructor for a tutorial on pipe bending which is obviously a massive aspect of learning the trader. The main aim for the Introduction to Plumbing Course is to obviously give students an accurate interpretation of what they expect in the real world of plumbing when the same students eventually begin working on site or even for themselves.

The Introduction to Plumbing Course (just one of the several Plumbing Courses we have running this week) has been designed to give students real life scenarios of the type of work they can expect within a domestic dwelling. This will most certainly provide students with the ideal taster for the world of plumbing before delving into more advanced plumbing work like students have on the Level 2 Plumbing Course which is also City & Guilds accredited.

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plumbing courses Able Skills Plumbing Courses are City & Guilds Accredited

The Level 2 is naturally the next step for anyone who thoroughly wants to progress after enjoying the Introduction and is a course we definitely reccommend for anyone looking to launch a serious career as a qualified Plumber.

Please make sure you watch the above video as it was taken live and truly reflects the quality of training we provide here at Able Skills. If you would like to find out more about the Plumbing Courses we have running at our centre, please click here and get in touch if you would like even more information.