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Green Energy Training Essential!

Renewable green energy technologies are without doubt, the future of the plumbing and heating industry. However, already the Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors (APHC) is warning that inadequate training is threatening to undermine the confidence in efficient, energy saving systems installations.Consumers and companies are now starting to look into investing into renewables such as heat pumps and Solar PV. However, lack of competent and properly trained installers is causing problems. Plumbing and heating engineers need a solid grounding in plumbing and heating so they can understand renewable technologies properly. With many renewable technology installations happening alongside or as part of existing conventional systems, this grounding is crucial.APHC points out that while there has been a marked increase in the number of short courses covering various renewable technologies, some of the engineers taking them do not have the depth and breadth of knowledge to go on to install the new technologies safely and effectively. The result is potentially costly and dangerous installations.Equally, however, engineers qualified in conventional systems must also recognise the need to update their skills with specialist training.Unfortunately, some plumbing and heating professionals practised in conventional fuel installations too often seem to overlook the need for specialist training, instead seeing solar hot water systems, for example, as just another heating system! Unlike conventional heating appliances, solar systems can be exposed to temperatures from minus 30 to over 200??C at pressures up to six bar.?