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Harry Completes His Electrical Courses

Able Skills are delighted to publish the testimonial of Harry Leadbeater, a trainee who overcame the odds to complete his electrical courses with flying colours.When I first signed up to take a series of level 2 2330 and level 3 2330 electrical courses as well as the 2382 wiring regulations 17th edition courses, I was very unsure of how well I would do. The problem is that I'm dyslexic and have ADHD so I find it very hard to concentrate and struggle with maths and English.At school I only managed to pass two GCSE's and that was with extra lessons! But on commencing studies at Able Skills I found Paul's (our instructor) unique and refreshing approach to teaching a great help.He was happy to answer any questions we may have (even if it meant repeating himself in my case!), no matter how basic they may be.He really catered to our individual needs. Even in his lunch or morning tea break taking up his free time to help me and anyone else who may find elements of the course difficult. The same can be said of all the staff at Able Skills friendly and happy to help.I'm happy to say after just 14 weeks I'm a full qualified electrician, having passed the exams you would undertake at any long term college courses. Put simply I would recommend Able Skills to anyone who wants to start a career in the lucrative trade industry.Thanks again Able SkillsHarry Leadbeater