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Have You Seen Gas Safe's 'Don't Cut Corners' Ad?

Have You Seen Gas Safe's 'Don't Cut Corners' Ad?


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Gas Safe continue to raise awareness of the dangers of Gas as they recently launched a brand new TV advert in their new campaign. Some of you may have already seen it on tele as it's being shown on channels such as ITV2, ITV3, More4, and lifestyle-focused channels including the Discovery channels, Home and Food Network. With what premiered earlier this month, the public can expect the advert to run up until March next year.

Let's talk more about the advert

The advert has a strong theme which strongly correlates to Gas Safe's motto; 'Don't Cut Corners'. The star of the campaign features Jack Corner, a family man obsessed with corners. Yes, that's right. Gas Safe repeatedly highlights such character traits as the advert shows Jack taking corners for his football team and folding corners to make paper planes, but the one thing he wouldn't dare to do is cutting corners with Gas. In the words of Gas Safe:

Jack knows that if his gas appliances need fixing he must contact a Gas Safe registered engineer, because cutting corners, either by using an illegal fitter or attempting DIY gas work, could cost his family their lives.

The strong message of telling people to not cut corners will hopefully help people to realise that gas shouldn't be taken lightly as the TV ad aims to eliminate the number of incidents and deaths associated with sub standard work.

Who designed it?

The campaign doesn't stop at just TV adverts, the public can also expect to see billboards, digital displays and newspaper ads in what is shaping to be Gas Safe's strongest push for gas safety. The man behind the design is Simon Mannering who was the senior designer of the team who pieced the adverts together. Here's what he had to say:

“We wanted to get across that idea that personal recommendations for dodgy do-it-yourself (DIY) can cost your dearly. We didn’t want to just tell people about the register, we wanted to link it back to personal behaviour.”

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Contrasting colours have been used on the poster campaigns, with bright yellow and white set against a black background, chosen to “communicate danger”. A condensed Helvetica typeface has been used as it is “urgent and immediate”

“The gas safe register has not had great coverage over the years and we wanted to build in something recognisable”.

We understand!

Able Skills most certainly understands the importance of raising such awareness and we stand firmly behind Gas Safe's new campaign. Not cutting corners with Gas is something we make crystal clear on our Gas Training Courses and we will continue to spread the message of such concerns.

If you haven't already seen the advert, head over to the Gas Safe Website!! For more information about what is covered in our Gas Training Courses, simply click here.