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Heat Pump Event For MPs Boosts Training Confidence

The Micropower Council held a special renewable green energy event at the Houses of Parliament last month. In addition to 30 Peers and MPs, including Greg Barker MP, the Minister of State for Climate Change, the demonstration was attended by senior Civil Servants and interested parties, with over 170 guests able to talk directly to Micropower Council members.The event was held to demonstrate how air source heat pumps have quickly established themselves as one of the most efficient and effective low carbon alternatives to gas and oil heating. In addition, over the past two years, live winter trials have been conducted to confirm how effective air source heat pumps can be throughout a British winter.As a result, an Ofgem carbon score has been approved, which can be used for both CERT (carbon emissions reductions target) and CESP (community energy saving programme) funding schemes.The event organised through The Micropower Council aimed to send a clear message to Westminster that industry is already working together to develop the products that will help reduce energy use and are ready to scale up production with Government support.The government has set a target of 15% of energy, to be derived from renewables by 2020, and a significant growth in installing ground and air source heat pumps is seen as part of the drive to meet this commitment. Heating accounts for over 35% of the overall CO2 emissions for the UK each year. Installing a heat pump provides an opportunity to reduce carbon emissions, save on fuel and provide a sustainable solution.The market value for both ground and air source heat pumps in the residential, commercial, public and industrial sectors is forecast at more than ?