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Heat Pumps Installed In Off-Gas Town

It is an encouraging sign for both the recovering UK economy and the development of renewable energy, that the latest news of a heat pump system, installed to replace an out-dated coal fire in the North of England, looks like kickstarting the scheme operated by Community Energy Solutions (CES), in partnership with housing provider, Home Group.It's also gives tremendous encouragement to the plumbing industry as a whole, who are heavily investing in Green Energy, not least the major leading trade skills trainers, who have recognised the importance of the government stated intention to increase reduction in CO2 emissions over the next ten years.Cockfield, in County Durham, is one of dozens of towns and villages across the UK which is still classified as an off-gas community, meaning it has no mains gas supply providing power to the surrounding homes. As a result housing providers and homeowners are forced to look for alternative ways of heating their properties.CES, which operates primarily across the North East and Yorkshire, specialises in providing affordable energy solutions to single properties and entire communities which may not have access to methods such as gas or simply want to improve their energy efficiency. Together with Home Group, a new air to water heat pump (ASHP) system was specified, which would see an outdoor unit, indoor hydrobox and domestic hot water cylinder fitted to replace their old coal fire and solid fuel back boiler.The system works virtually like a fridge in reverse, with the outdoor unit drawing in air and using a heat exchanger to transfer the ambient heat to water which is then pumped around the property as conventional central heating to radiators in each room. The system is designed to maintain a constant temperature in the home and removes the need to have the boiler constantly turning on and off, which increases comfort and reduces cost.After the success of the installation, Home Group and CES now hope to continue their partnership to roll out the installations in properties across the region. CES also plan to install an additional 2,000 heat pumps across the North East, Yorkshire and Humberside throughout the next year.Training to install heat pumps is set to become a key green plumbing requirement and students who first enrol on an entry level Plumbing NVQ 6129 course should certainly consider progressing onto approved green courses for heat pumps and solar heating, which will help with their future work prospects in the plumbing industry.