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High speed rail could be good news for people on electrical courses

Workers currently studying on electrical courses may see new employment opportunities as a result of a proposed high speed rail link in the UK.

Policy advisor for the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce William Rogers claimed that up to 12,000 construction jobs could be created if the project connecting London and Birmingham goes ahead.

In his opinion, the rail link is hugely important for the UK's economic future and technicians on electrical courses may agree with him, since it has the potential to create so many new job opportunities.

"There will be [a] maintenance depot in Washwood Heath, which is a very poor area where unemployment is rife, so that's great for the area," said Mr Rogers.

He suggested the rail network could "revolutionise" the economy in the Midlands and see London firms exploring Birmingham as an expansion opportunity.

His comments follow a statement by the West Midlands transport authority Centro, which suggested the high speed rail initiative would increase economic output by