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Home Study is becoming more and more popular

One of the most popular career paths right now is within the electrical industry, many people are deciding to train or even re-train as an Electrician as the industry is really booming.


However, for those that decide to switch from their current careers, they will find it hard to make the time available to train as they are usually still working. The Level 2 Electrical course is a seven week long training programme and a lot of students will struggle to find the time to complete this course.

As we understand a lot of people will have this issue, we have set alternative learning programmes at Able Skills to allow our students to complete their electrical training in a way that suits their needs.

We have a lot of popularity with our electrical courses at Able Skills and we are always very busy with our Level 2 courses. However, to accommodate for students that cannot commit to seven weeks straight of training, we offer a weekend training option and also our very popular home study option.

The home study option suits a range of different students for a variation of different reasons. It allows the students to complete all theory work in their own time and then come into our centre for four weeks of practical training and online exams.

The four weeks of practical training can also be broken up to allow you to train with flexibility around your family and work life.

This week has seen the start of a group of home study students starting their week two of their home study. We have spoken to a couple of them about how they feel and why they are doing the course.

Ollie is completing the second week of his electrical home study course. Ollie is completing the second week of his electrical home study course.

The first student I spoke to was Ollie and he is completing his second week of practical training this week and so far he has really enjoyed the learning. Ollie decided that he wanted to get a trade under his belt and he thought electrical was the best option. He chose the home study option so it would fit around his working life and so he could still play football at the weekend. The flexibility of learning in his own time has really helped him work towards the practical training.

The second student I spoke to was Ian, he was looking for an additional skill as he is already a firefighter and he thought having an extra skill will increase his work load. The home study was perfect for him as he was able to fit his learning around his shift pattern really well. He found it hard sometimes to get motivated and complete the theory work, but he was glad he chose the home study as he could do the work in his own time without being rushed.

All our home study students really enjoy the flexibility of this course, and it allows them to complete the course in their own time and they find it easier to fit their needs. Also, they don’t have to pay for the whole course upfront, we require a deposit and you pay when you train.

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