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Study your Electrical Level 2 course at home!

A career as an Electrician is becoming increasingly worthwhile due to the high demand for Electricians in the UK that are fully trained and qualified. The opportunity is out there for anyone to begin a new career as an Electrician. Working can be made more enjoyable when your work is interesting and active.

Many people find the training as the hard part because they can’t afford big sums of money in one go and they can’t give up work to train. Able Skills makes training possible for everyone that has this issue, because we offer the Home Study option that allows students to complete and learn all theory work at home and in their own time so they don’t have to commit to a huge chunk of time off work. When they feel they are ready they can them come into the centre to complete 4 weeks of practical training and exams.

Daren chose the Home Study option Daren chose the Home Study option

This is becoming a very popular option at our centre in Dartford because people are able to split their payments up and pay when they train, instead of paying in one large sum. With people working to save up for a course this is perfect for them because they can continue to work and earn money as they start their course in the comfort of their own homes.

The starting point for any hopeful electrician is the Level 2 Electrical course, which involves all the very basics to the skills needed to be a working electrician. By studying at home it gives you the chance to learn at your own pace and take in the relevant information. This course allows people to learn differently by adapting to their needs, for example the normal Level 2 course it is classroom based and some students will learn better this way whereas some people like to learn at their own pace, where the home study option will be better for them.

All home study students are supplied with all the relevant learning resources that help you cover every aspect of the Level 2 course. The flexibility is great for this course and it is becoming more popular with many hopeful Electricians because they can see the opportunity to work and train at the same time which is a huge bonus to a lot of people.

Here is a short demonstration of the practical work that is carried out on the course:

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