Horrifying Electrical Faults!

With Halloween being tomorrow we thought it would be a good idea to scare you away from ever carrying out faulty electrical work such as these! The images shown in this article will be sure to give all electricians out there nightmares as it's shocking (pardon the pun) to think anyone would ever accept such sub standard work. To call them horrifying electrical faults, really doesn't give it any justice! Check them out below!

The above shows a loose connection at a consumer unit which can cause cables to over heat and melt, potentially causing an electrical fire.

Poor connections with exposed parts can increase chances of electric shock, under sized cables can over heat and again cause fires. Overall untidiness can be very dangerous due to high voltages and no RCD's.

This image shows different makes of  poorly marked circuit breakers and poor connections using undersized cables.

Well this just looks terrible. The aftermath of a poor installation which caused a fire destroying a property. This could have been saved with correct training and testing!

Sub standard work shown in these images can land you guys some hefty fines and it's for this reasons such as this that shows just how important keeping up to date with the latest wiring regulations is.

When rectifying such electrical faults, its massively important you seek a qualified Electrician who has undergone all relevant electrician training! Well what kind of qualifications are we talking about? Take a look at the below Electrician Training Courses that can either help you undergo your own electrical work, or identify just how competent the Electrician your hiring is!

Rest assured, your Electrician was taught by an industry expert who holds as much knowledge and experience as the instructors here at Able Skills. We help our students gain enough confidence to work at their own pace with side by side help on call whenever they need it. With that said, we're sure our students could have done a better job than some of the work shown in these pictures!

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