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Housing developer continues with apprenticeship scheme

A Leicestershire property developer has committed itself to a new round of skills training for young tradespeople in the area, with recruitment underway for three new apprentices.

Westleigh Developments, of Whetstone, has a long history of taking on young apprentices – most of whom have only just finished their college-based trade qualifications – and giving them the practical and professional experience that they need for their careers.

Since launching the apprenticeship scheme in 2000, Westleigh has taken on 36 trainees on its three-year training courses, with many workers staying on to have lucrative and demanding careers with the company. The company is looking to fill the apprenticeships with people looking to specialise in carpentry, joinery and bricklaying.

Westleigh production director, Tony Keable, who oversees the apprenticeship scheme said that a new intake of young workers every year is invaluable to keeping the highest standards of skills within the company.

“We are delighted to once again be welcoming new talent into the Westleigh fold in September,” he said. “We believe apprenticeships are a key way to help support constructions skills for the future. On the job learning is one of the most effective ways to gain experience.”

One of the new recruits will be taken on from the local Westleigh Vocational Academy but the other two apprenticeships will be awarded to any eligible applicant deemed suitable.

The Academy’s principal, Brian Myatt, said, “We are delighted to hear that Westleigh are again supporting local school leavers by offering apprenticeship opportunities. Never have schemes like this been more in demand.”