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Housing retrofit scheme 'could boost green energy courses'

Demand for green energy courses could be set to increase over the next few years, after the government announced new research into a possible eco-friendly overhaul of British housing stock.

The Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition has entered into a partnership with the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI), which will seek to find the most efficient methods for bringing UK homes up to stringent sustainability standards.

"Persuading consumers to take up refurbishment and technology retrofit opportunities requires us to address the challenge of creating supply chains and delivery routes that consumers trust," said ETI chief executive Dr David Clarke.

Government chief construction adviser Paul Morrell suggested that green energy courses may be important for workers in the building sector in future, claiming the scheme will be of a larger scale than any other comparable initiatives.

Last week, the Brighton Argus reported that plans to build a new eco-town in Sussex had received a boost from the Department for Communities and Local Government, which pledged