Bricklaying has been at the heart of the British construction industry for hundreds of years. That is no different now, people are still reliant on Bricklayers to build the skeletons of their homes and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. With lockdown measures on track to be eased on the 21st of June lots of people are taking on new projects both domestically and commercially, and bricklayers have a massive role to play in every project across the UK! 

Here at Able Skills, we offer a variety of City & Guilds accredited Bricklaying Courses that are suited for everyone no matter your levels of experience and knowledge. A nice place to start for those who have little to no experience would be our 5-day Introduction To Plumbing Course, this course will teach you all the basics of Bricklaying skills that you would need to know. If you complete this course you will receive an Able Skills certificate that is Accredited by City & Guilds. After this if you are keen to learn more you will be in a good spot to be able to enroll in our City & Guilds Accredited Bricklaying Course as well as our NVQ Level 2 Bricklaying Course, these courses will help you to refine your skills and will help to make you a more employable Bricklayer before you head out into the industry. 

If you would like to learn more about all of the courses that we offer here at Able Skills then please do feel free to come down and take a look around our training center, one of the team will be happy to show you around and discuss all the courses that we have available and which ones may be best suited for you given any previous experience you may have in your desired trade. If you cannot make it down to us in person then please do feel free to call us on 08081003245 where again the team will be more than happy to discuss any questions you may have before you book onto a course with us.