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How FAKE Electrician Training Lead To Imprisonment!

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Today's news brings us to the 'Electrician' who faked his Electrical Qualifications to land a £3000 job! Unfortunately for him, karma came back around as the rogue trader has been sentenced to 13 months after dangerously re-wiring a home out in Hartlepool. Being prosecuted by the Hartlepool Borough Council's Trading Standards Team, the fake sparky had clearly lied about the Electrical Courses he'd been on, as well as the Electrician Training he had received.

Not only had he lied about the Electrical Qualifications he holds, but he even managed to convince the home owner that he was even accredited by different trade associations. Rather unlucky for the customer, it can be difficult to tell when a tradesmen is being genuine. If we see an Electrician is associated by a trade association, we immediately assume that the tradesman must be fully qualified. This lead to the so called electrician pleading guilty to fraud and consumer protection related offences!

Turn To Your Local Trading Standards!

For anyone who may have been a victim of sub standard work in the past, turning to your local trading standards is always a good idea. It may be worth taking note of what happened here as the 'shoddy' work was initially noticed by the homeowner before the tradesman left the job with the full sum. It was at this point when the homeowner contacted the local trading standards.

When the property had been inspected by a council electrical engineer, the result was for the property to not be used as the work done posed high risks of electrical fires and electrocution. The damage done cost the homeowner more than just £3000 however, as the fee for it to be corrected saw them fork out thousands more. Some of this money was reimbursed as part of the penalty for the rogue trader was to pay his victim a total of £3,820.

Here's what Ian Harrison (Hartlepool Borough Council’s Trading Standards and Licensing Manager) had to say:

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This successful prosecution sends out a strong message that the courts will not tolerate rogue traders conning people out of their hard-earned cash.

These criminals will face lengthy jail terms and hefty fines, and we would encourage anyone who thinks they may have encountered a cowboy builder or rogue trader to report the incident to Hartlepool Trading Standards (on 01429 523362) so they can be swiftly brought to justice.

Was it worth it?

So let that be a lesson to anyone who may have lied about the Electrical Courses they've undergone as well as the Electrician Training they've received. Justice will catch up with you and you'll only have to pay back what you stole and then some! Is it really worth it?