These strange times finally seem to be settling down. With the rollout of vaccines, we are all looking ahead to a brighter future. But how has the pandemic affected electricians and their earnings? Let's take a look at some statistics, what's happening in the industry and how you can gain new skills as a working electrician or start training towards a brand new career through electrical courses here at our centre.

How has the pandemic affected electricians?

During the peak of the pandemic around 45% of people in the country were working from home, not to mention the 9.5 million people at home due to being placed on furlough. What this meant is that people spent dramatically more time at home, meaning electricians have been been busy making residential installations and, more often, emergency repairs as essential workers.

Although electricians have found a way to continue to work throughout the pandemic it has not been easy. Electricians are having to adapt to a new way of operating, with new, virus-related business requirements, including monitoring themselves and their teams for symptoms; investing in and wearing personal protective gear like masks and gloves while they work; as well as wiping down all surfaces with disinfectant after a task is completed, just to name a few.

How has this affected their salary?

Well, the electrical industry was already dealing with a problem before the outbreak and that is the skills-gap. Simply put, there is not enough qualified, competent electricians out there to meet the sheer amount of jobs available.

As everyone has spent more time at home during the pandemic, this has only increased the demand for electrical services. Overall electricians are seeing huge increases in their day-rate earnings, especially the self-employed, directly because of the demand. The average salary for a working electrician is around £34,000 a year! An established self-employed electrician is likely to earn around £35-40,000 per year, and in London and the South East this figure could be higher.

Electrical training

Local electricians will price electrical work depending on multiple factors and their earnings will change based on where they are, for example electricians in London tend to earn 20% more than anywhere else in the country. It also depends on the type of work and how many hours you put in a week. It is realistic for an electrician to charge £2000 to rewire a 2-bedroom house to £7000 for a 5-bedroom house, a job that usually takes about a week to complete.

Interested in becoming an electrician?

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