Here at Able Skills we have been teaching Plumbing courses for almost 20-years! We have seen all types of changes in the industry during that time, however, nobody could have expected the impact of Coronavirus. You may think that tradespeople such as plumbers have struggled, in fact, plumbers are thriving as essential workers.

Plumbing courses

What's happening in the industry?

The truth is there is more work than ever, plumbers are even seeing full order books. The demand for skilled workers continues to outweigh supply. The Government additionally has committed to a lot of infrastructure spending and new projects that require plumbers are being announced every day. In addition, people are spending way more time at home these days and therefore more frequently require plumbing services.

According to some research conducted by Hudson Contract Self-employed plumbers with solid experience earned an average of £976 a week last month – the equivalent of a £47,000 annual salary! It seems there was an initial dip in earnings but now Plumbing contractors have seen a rise in pay, up to 12% in some areas of the country.

Electrician vs. Plumber salary?

The earning potential of a trade doesn’t necessarily make one trade better than the other, but at the end of the day we all work hard for a reason, and money is a big part of that.

Electricians have always been regarded as the highest earners in the trade industry, however, plumbing is catching up fast. according to UK Job search website Jobted the current average yearly earning for a plumber is £32,000 and an electrician's is only slightly higher at £32,100!

Thinking about a new career?

Working as a Plumber can be very rewarding. Here at our training centre we have plenty of options for Plumbing training, however, if you are looking to jumpstart a career in the trade, the course you should be looking at is our City & Guilds Level 2 Plumbing course...

This 6-week training opportunity will teach you to become a competent plumber from scratch. Currently have spaces on this course available starting from May 17th 2021! If you would like to get started before that date then you always have the option to take on our Home Study Level 2 Plumbing Course...

Plumbing courses

How does the Home-Study course work? The course, as the name suggests will start at home. You'll be send our 'Home-Study Pack' which includes all of the theory knowledge for the qualification as well as mock exam questions so that you can test yourself as you study.

We recommend you take at least 6-weeks to absorb all of the theory information you have been provided. Once you feel confident in this new-found knowledge you will book 20-days worth of practical learning here in our workshops and time for the relevant assessments.

Through this alternative training option you will earn the exact same City & Guilds certificate and be taught by the very same expert instructors. The best part is you can start right away!


Contact us:

If you would like some more information about the range of Plumbing courses that we offer give us a call on 01322 280 202. Over the phone we will help you as best as we can answering any questions, providing general guidance and processing your booking. You are also welcome to visit our training centre in person, no need for an appointment or even to call ahead.

Whilst here we can discuss the training options available in more detail and even take you around our centre so that you can see the facilities we have to offer for yourself. Our office here in Dartford, Kent is open 7-days-a-week between the hours of 8:30 - 16:30! 

Live too far away? If you're interested in Plumbing training courses with us but the commute seems too long then you should know that we offer accommodation to our students.

All of our properties are within a short walking distance from our centre and can be booked for the reasonable price of just £20 a night! - If you are interested make sure to contact us before your courses' starting date as spaces are limited! 


Plumbing courses
Plumbing courses with us result in industry-recognised qualifications.