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How This 'Gas Engineer' Landed Himself A Prison Sentence

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This isn't a title you would come across everyday and it certainly gets you thinking about what this particular 'Gas Engineer' could have done to land himself a prison sentence. Maybe it was something not related to his trade, but unfortunately for him, it was certainly trade related and should be a lesson to anyone else thinking of following in his footsteps.

Here's What Happened...

A gas fitter who we will not name has been sentenced after leaving the gas work he carried out in a dangerous condition. Working within a domestic dwelling is a very common place for so called 'Gas Engineers' to make a quick buck as it's not uncommon for regular people to not know everything about who is really qualified and who isn't.

The work he carried out involved removing an old boiler and installing a new one, re-installing a gas meter and then connecting pipework all whilst not actually being a member of the Gas Safe Register.

It was only after the Health and Safety Executive launched their investigation that they discovered this was the case. They went on to discover that he didn't have any relevant Gas Training Qualifications and appeared to not have been on any Gas Courses at all. He also failed to carry out any test/examinations to safely verify if the installations he worked on were gas tight or not... Yep, some pretty incompetent stuff

After the hearing, HSE Inspector Dr Riley Roberts had this to say:


“The Gas Safe Register exists to protect the public from people such as Colin Christopher Batchelor, who are prepared to work illegally, falsify records and carry out potentially dangerous gas work. Performing gas work without being competent to do so can be highly dangerous and lead to a loss of life.”

“All gas work must be done by a registered Gas Safe engineer to ensure the highest standards are met to prevent injury and loss of life.”

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The whole subject of rogue traders making money at the expense of the public's health is nothing new and is heavily looked down upon in our Gas Training Centres. From our industry expert instructors, to our new and former students on our Gas Training Courses, we have all heard or come across a story like this and makes you think twice about carrying out work you're not legally able to do.

You must successfully complete your Gas Training, Gas Portfolio and ACS Exams before you can call yourself a Gas Safe Registered Engineer and safely undergo any gas work.

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