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Just recently we spoke about how salaries for Gas Engineers have been increasing in areas all over the country. More specifically, the latest statistics tell us that in London alone, salaries for Gas Engineers have seen a year on year increase of 5.4%. When accumulated over several years, this turns out to be a pretty appealing line of work to be in and certainly gives anyone undergoing Gas Training Courses a lot of excitement for the future.
Yes salaries do vary, but what can you do to ensure you're earning as much as possible? Undergo further Gas Courses like the Boiler Fault Finding Course? Most certainly. But have you considered how you will advertise yourself?

In today's blog, we'll be giving all aspiring and existing Gas Engineers tips on how they can advertise themselves online ensuring they raise as much awareness about their services and generate as much business as possible! Whether you work for yourself or are looking to in the future, we're confident this article will help! So here's tip number one...

Identify Where Is Best For You To Advertise!

Deciding where to market yourself will play a huge factor in how much you grow as a Gas Engineer in the future. By understanding how your industry works and learning how you can manipulate it to get maximum exposure is all part of the learning process. You have to think about what you want to achieve.

Well that's easy, more money of course..

Well simply put, you need to show off the variety of different work you do...

The Power Of Social Media

Identifying where to advertise yourself can sometimes be pretty difficult, but sometimes we over look the power of social media! When speaking to students on our Gas Training Courses, only some have taken the leap of showing off their work online. If you're not doing this, then ask yourself why! It's free, easy to use, anyone can do it and you get out what you put in.

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Multi-Channel Strategy

Don't just stick to one social media platform! Just uploaded a picture and clip of you working on your latest job? Don't only upload it to Facebook, but why not upload it to Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. By doing this, you're immediately exposing your business to the most amount of people possible leaving all the more chance of someone in your area coming across your company.

Mobile Advertising

Got a van? Well don't just go plane Jane and make do with a plain white van like so many other tradesmen out there. How will people take notice of your company? It's time to invest in some advertising. Do your van up, give it a lick of paint and definitely give a contact number where any potential clients can get in touch!

Give Clients More Than One!

More than one what? Business cards! Every time you give out a business card, why not give them a few? Asking for referrals shows signs of reliability and an overall impression of how keen you are. There's nothing wrong with asking for clients to recommend your work and when uploading images of the work done to social media, try and get your client to interact with them too. When people see this on social media, their friends will immediately see their comments which will lead to more hits on your social media page, which you will most certainly link to your website!!


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Able Skills Gas Training Courses are Bpec Accredited

Reviews hold a massive amount of weight for any potential clients in the future. A client may have come across your company and is now browsing online for anything they can find. Evidence of work and testimonials could be the deciding factor on choosing you to do their gas work over someone else. Asking clients to leave you a Google Review may just be the best thing you've ever done to boost your online digital presence!

There you have it! Just a few easy ideas to help you stand out from the crowd and build your company step by step. Like with the Gas Training Courses you would have enrolled on, you get out what you put in. We hope this helped and if you are interested in the Gas Training Courses we provide, please click here.