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With the 18th Edition Course being an essential qualification for everyone carrying out electrical installations, you can only imagine the shear amount of Electricians the latest wiring regulations affect. With big pressure on students to ensure they pass their exams, it's only natural to expect some Electricians to be worried about ensuring they know everything required to keep the money coming in.

In a recent survey carried out by Hager, results showed that some electricians are still not 100% confident when it comes to fully understanding the latest wiring regulations. Being a construction training course provider, we would ask the question: Well where did you receive your training?

Able Skills 18th Edition Courses have been successfully running since it's arrival and it's safe to say that we haven't heard of any Electricians lacking confidence out in the real world.

What Did The Research Look At?

According to Hager, 55% of those carrying out electrical installations are fully confident with the information given on the training they received. This left 45% admitting they weren't 100% confident! Perhaps they needed more training? Perhaps they should have come to Able Skills!

What Weren't They Confident On?

Hager found that AFDD and Surge Protection were the areas Electricians struggled with the most. What were the statistics? 48% of the people questioned stated they were the least sure about AFDD with 29% saying they were least sure about surge protection measures.

Are you reading this and thinking the same thing? Well again, we would love to ask, Where did you receive your training?

Here's What A Spokesperson For Hager Had To Say:

“After the high profile lead-in period to the introduction of the 18th Edition, it is perhaps unsurprising that electrical contractors in the main feel fully confident about the new rules and how to enforce them.

“However, there remains a significant proportion who admit to a lack of full 18th Edition knowledge and the potential for non-compliance when undertaking installations. For this group in particular, as well as for the industry in general, it is welcome to see that the vast majority intend to seek further training to supplement their knowledge and acquire new skills to comply.

If you're reading this and you haven't yet undergone your 18th Edition Course, all we can say after reading the above, please make sure you're happy with where you receive your training! Able Skills has been delivering the latest wiring regulations since before the 18th Edition Course came about and would love for you to allow us to be your training provider.

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Able Skills Electrical Training and Electrician Courses Are Both City & Guilds Accredited

Whether it's the the Full 3 day Course you're after or the 1 Day Update Course, Able Skills has the capability of delivering training at our training hub in Dartford. Alternatively, we're now providing mobile 18th Edition Course training and can train your entire team up at the same time in your own premises! Fancy having a tutor you can ask as many questions as possible to? Want to ask them questions specific to your company and the type of work you do? No problem.

For find out when we can get you in next for your 18th Edition, please click here. If you would like to find out more about our mobile training services, please call us on 0808 100 3245. Like always, if you're interested in our other Electrical Courses and Electrician Training, then please click here.