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How Will Brexit Affect Electrical Safety?

electrical coursesElectrical Safety continues to be a huge threat to the public as more and more people are beginning to realise just how important the topic really is. This article isn't just for those on Electrical Courses, but for anyone concerned about their safety! What sparked today's argument is the potential dangers of how Brexit can affect the health and safety of the public when it comes to electrics. As we edge closer to potentially leaving the EU (although not final yet) Electrical Safety first want the government to ensure consumer safety standards don't slip after Brexit. Such campaign stems from the growing number of counterfeit electrical goods coming into the country which have proved to cause numerous incidents.

Why Electrical Safety shouldn't be ignored...

Electrical Safety First carried out a report last summer which found that nearly a third of the people questioned had mistakenly bought fake electrical goods which they initially thought were genuine. Interestingly enough, KPMG also had some pretty big figures to share themselves. They found that over the past 2 years alone, a total of £116m had been generated from fake/ faulty electrical goods. Yes, £116m! With a huge amount being spent on such electrical items, it's no wonder why Electrical Safety First want the government to make sure electrical safety doesn't get ignored. People only have to hear the words Grenfell Tower to be reminded of how detrimental faulty electrics can be.

It's been reported that a Brexit warning is to be published this week which will mention EU Legislation and safety standards on electrical goods. It will state that consumer protection rights must still mirror the current UK law on the matter to help safeguard the public from faulty electrical items.

What's vital for the country to understand is that if the laws are softened or the sector becomes deregulated, the UK could become a magnet for cheap and fake counterfeit electrical goods which will not do anyone any favours!

Here's what the Chief Executive of Electrical Safety First had to say:

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“No outcome from the ongoing EU-UK negotiations should be to the detriment of safety standards or consumer protection rights.

The risks posed by substandard and counterfeit electrical products are a very real threat to consumers’ safety. Electricity is responsible for more than half of accidental domestic fires in England and any weakening of such standards could see this figure rise in the future.

It is essential that enforcement bodies, which serve on the frontline in the fight against substandard and counterfeit electrical items, are adequately resourced to be as effective as possible as we depart from the European Union.”

The reality is that not everyone is trained like those on Electrical Courses but this industry news holds huge amounts of relevance for everyone. All we can recommend is that if you're not in the know yourself, make sure you consult someone who HAS undergone training! It will be interesting to see the other potential threats that emerge from leaving the EU. but hopefully the country remains standing strong! It looks like our Electrical Courses are doing more than just tackling the skill shortage!