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Importance of plumbing courses highlighted by National Grid

National Grid has lauded the significance of hiring professionals who have completed plumbing courses when fitting a new boiler.

The company's comments were made after more than 100 residents of Maritime Way in Preston were left without gas for a day as a result of an error by an engineer, according to BBC News.

National Grid urged consumers to use the services of certified firms, which would employ technicians that have completed the relevant plumbing courses and other training required to safely install a boiler.

A spokeswoman for the organisation told the news provider that the supply has now returned and is safe to use, after all 57 affected properties were visited by an engineer.

"This kind of thing is not a common occurrence. We managed to trace the problem back to a resident's home nearby," she was quoted as saying.

Last week, the London Evening Standard revealed that a statue of a plumber's apprentice is set to be installed at Cannon Street train station to honour the work of people in the profession.

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