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Incorrect Information Means Incorrect Electrician Training!

Health and Safety is a major concern across the country but holds particular weight within the construction industry. With threat of dangerous and sub standard work seemingly on the rise, it's no wonder why Scotland are considering whether it's worth providing Electricians with their own professional title. This would help distinguish who the real rogue traders of the industry are, as well as who really has undergone essential Electrician Training.

As the latest Wiring Regulations have legally come into play, it's being reported that fake copies of the 18th Edition have surfaced online!

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Why is this massively important?

Because INCORRECT information leads to INCORRECT Electrician Training! The final result of such fake information poses a much bigger threat than you may think as who will this ultimately affect?... The public! Working on electrical installations after being told the wrong information only puts the public at risk as electrical work done in either a commercial or domestic dwelling will be sub standard and poses dangers of electrical shock, electrical fires and even death. 

SELECT (Scotland Electrical Trade Association) previously presented the argument to members of parliament last year which raised great awareness across not only Scotland, but many welcomed the idea of professional recognition for Electricians through the UK. Here's what Dave Forrester, head of technical services at SELECT, had to say:

“Only a short time after the issue of safety was debated in the Scottish Parliament, we have now uncovered bogus British Standards and other manuals being offered online to companies which will put consumers in further jeopardy.”

Industry bodies seem to share similar views

IET (Institute of Engineering and Technology) also gave their opinion on the counterfeit version of the latest Wiring Regulations. Mark Coles, head of technical regulations at the IET said:

“Ensuring that genuine copies of IET publications are being used by electrical professionals is important in order that correct standards are used to protect the public and those working in the industry from injury and fatality.”

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It's hard for anyone to disagree with the argument being presented. After all, would you want to work in a building with faulty electrics? Or let your child go to school in a building where the electrics had been done by a rogue trader? The arguments can go on and on, but one thing we cannot let continue is incorrect information as the public expense.

Let us know what you think!

The IET say they're currently working on counteracting the fakes being used as they look to introduce copies which contain genuine holographic images, allowing users to tell whether they have a real copy of the 18th Edition.

Gaining the correct Electrician Training is essential should you wish to go down that career path. If it's something you would like more information on, please click here for Electrician Training as well as other Electrical Courses.