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Industry reaction to Construction 2025 praises ambition and cooperation

Industry reaction to Construction 2025, the government’s new strategy for the construction industry, has seen many industry players implore the government to make sure that it does actually prompt growth action for the industry.

The plan was announced earlier this week by Business Minister, Michael Fallon, and details 10 joint government and industry commitment to ensure that the industry achieves its ambitions by 2025 and thrives in the face of global competition.

The opening up of trade credit – particularly for small and medium-sized businesses – is one of the key points of the strategy, as is the development of green construction and the promotion of British construction abroad.

Throughout the week, representatives from industry organisations, from construction companies large and small, and from environmental groups have been weighing in on the plan, with significant support being shown for the clarity and ambition of the strategy.

Bill Bolsover, from the Strategic Forum for Construction, said that the devising of Construction 2025 has been a laudable feat of cooperation between the industry and government, and that drive must not be allowed to stall. He explained, “This must not be a document that sits on a shelf. There is a real opportunity to change our industry and we must grasp it. As the lead body representing all parts of the industry, the Forum is uniquely placed to fulfil this role.”

Julia Evans, the chief executive of the National Federation of Builders, said that the efforts included in the bill to aid smaller contractors and construction businesses are vital and she is looking forward to seeing them developed.

“Some smaller and medium-sized construction companies report that they receive around 60 per cent of their work through local authorities, so the extension of central government’s published pipeline of work to local authorities and higher education establishments is welcomed,” Evans stated. “Publication of a pipeline of work has been hugely helpful and the extension to local government is a step in the right direction.”

The government’s Chief Construction Adviser, Peter Hansford, said that Construction 2025 provides the focus to transform the British construction industry into “a real force to be reckoned with on the world stage”.

He added, “Businesses can provide the expertise to get us there, but the challenge now is to ensure these strengths align with the future needs of a greener, digitally advanced industry.”