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Injured Soldier Gets New Career from Plumbing Courses

People thinking of taking plumbing courses can take inspiration from the story of injured soldier Paul Bennett.

Paul overcame serious injuries suffered in combat and returned home to Britain to embark on a successful career as a plumber after completing the appropriate plumbing courses, reported the Heating and Ventilating Review.

Paul Bennett was on his third tour in Iraq serving with the British Army in 2006, when he was injured in conflict and subsequently evacuated to the Defence Medical Rehabilitation unit in Surrey.

The brave soldier had to endure several medical procedures and extensive treatment but eventually had to be medically discharged from the army due to his injuries.

Bennett had served 21 years with the army but lost his ability to carry on serving until the age of 55 due to the injuries he sustained in Iraq.

Faced with the prospect of finding a new career, he decided to start learning about the heating industry and decided to investigate the possibility of enrolling on plumbing courses.

Bennett embarked on plumbing courses in order to improve his knowledge in areas such as water regulations and even took Part P courses to boost his familiarity with household electrics.

The soldier decided to start his own company after completing plumbing courses to gain more control on when he could work and what he could do, due to his injury and ongoing medical treatment.