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Installing PV Solar Energy Makes Hay While The Sun Is Shining!

Did you know that the Sun converts more than 4 million metric tonnes of hydrogen into helium every second? It's been doing this for the past 4.5 billion years and will continue to produce solar energy at this rate for another 5 billion years!The amount of energy the Earth receives from the Sun is about 1,367 watts per square metre, per second, and once it has penetrated the Earth's protective atmosphere, between 240 and 340 watts per square metre actually reaches the Earth's surface.In other words, we can safely say that we have the potential for an unlimited, renewable source of energy available to use for the foreseeable future!Quite a contrast to the growing concern for our present dependence on fossil fuels and the debate over increasing commitment to the use of nuclear energy. The development of Solar photovoltaic systems, a technology which successfully harnesses the sun to create clean renewable energy, represents a real and crucial step forward to finally end our reliance on fossil fuels, and reduce man-made, environmentally-damaging CO2 emissions believed to be the cause of accelerating climate change.The UK has been signed up to the European directive to reduce CO2 emissions and just this week, Prime Minister David Cameron has agreed to extend the deadline to realistically achieve the projected carbon budget beyond the existing 2020 deadline to 2027. This means an increased pace of reduction, from the current 34 per cent by 2020 to 50 per cent by 2025 to achieve 1990 levels.The UK's Solar PV industry is a growing force, which is transforming the way electricians and plumbers go about their trade from now on. Today's candidates will need to enroll on renewable energy courses because the services they will be providing and the type of systems and appliances they will be installing will be dependent on renewable energy sources technology.Future electricians and plumbers will be increasingly called upon to specify and install solar panels and now is the time to gain a firm foothold on the renewables ladder by undertaking City & Guilds/BPEC and NICEIC approved qualified training on solar pv courses and solar courses.The huge potential for employment and career opportunities is growing ...The latest solar PV announcement, for example, is from energy giant E.On, who are to invest up to ?