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International Women’s Day 2018

Here at Able Skills today we have been celebrating International Women’s Day 2018. With a recent increase in women across our centre, we are now seeing more and more women each week come to our centre to join the construction industry.

We have been around our centre today talking to some of the women that are deciding to join the construction industry. They are all coming from different backgrounds to train among the many training courses we offer here at Able Skills. With the number of women join the construction industry across the UK, these are just some of the women that are changing the perception of it being a ‘male-oriented’ industry.


Firstly, we have Hollie who has been at Able Skills since the beginning of 2018. In January she began her City & Guilds Level 2 Plumbing course and this week she is now completing her gas training. She decided to do plumbing and gas as she plans to go into the family business and help build it up. Also, she liked that the qualifications give her better prospects of moving over to Australia. Before her course Hollie was a Chef but decided it was time for a change of career and that is what brought her to Able Skills.


We have students come to us from all over the world and Deborah is one of those students and she has been training on a variation of courses with us for a long time now. Making the trip to and from Canada every few months. Deborah currently works in Healthcare in Canada and she is completing all the courses to help her build her own home. A lot more to come from Deborah…


Clio is currently five weeks into her Carpentry and Joinery NVQ course with us and she is so happy and that has fell in love with carpentry. She first attended our centre last year when she completed a short course and straight away fell in love and book the full course. Clio has said the instructors and course have really helped build her confidence. Previously in Hospitality, Clio is now looking forward to a career in the construction


Another student that has been with us since the beginning of 2018 and is now coming into the final stages of her training with us. Karen has taken the NVQ Level 2 Tiling course with us and is so glad she never turned back. Previously she worked as a Project Manager for shop fitting, however, the long hours and long journeys meant she needed a change. After travelling down from Margate each morning, she is close to completing her training and already has five jobs lined up. Karen clearly can’t stay away too long as she is returning in a few weeks to complete a plumbing women's day


Last but not at all least, is Lisa. She is currently here with us completing the 5-day Wallpapering course. Her first aim is to wallpaper and redecorate her house. However, she is also looking for a potential career change. Currently, Lisa works as a Domestic Abuse Support worker but is now considering a change and is potentially looking at the full decorating course or the handy ‘women’ course we offer here at Able Skills. Before this week Lisa was very nervous as the construction industry is largely male dominated, however, she was pleasantly surprised how well treated she was.

Week by week we are seeing more and more powerful women coming to change their careers and take that step into the construction industry. Many of our previous female students are now successfully working for themselves out in the real world and will be enjoying International Women's Day!

If you are interested in following in the footsteps of these inspirational women, then contact us today on 0808 100 3245.

Happy International Women's Day!