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7 in 10 Brits feel trapped in their job!

Change can always be a daunting experience and a change of career can be even worse for some people. This case has recently been proved…

Able Skills have recently carried out a survey on 2,000 workers and 7 in 10 Brits said they feel trapped in their current jobs and have a fear of changing. Obviously, a career change can be very hard but enjoying your work is extremely important because it is a huge chunk of your daily life. Most people have said they feel trapped in a job due to pay, feeling undervalued and the working hours.

Many workers seem to worry they won’t succeed in a new career and will end up being stuck in a job that they don’t enjoy. The average worker will consider switching to a whole new career almost 5 times each month. If you are considering a new career every week then the likely hood is you need to switch into something that you have a larger interest in and a career with more opportunities.

Nearly a third of the people that feel trapped in a job haven’t taken any action and are still working in the same position. Some even feel that they are too old to retrain and say it is too late. At Able Skills many students prove week in, week out that it is never too late to make a change in your career and have a complete fresh start.

With the construction industry booming, right now is the perfect time to start fresh with a career in construction. Each week at Able Skills we have more and more students ready to kick start a brand new career, and of course prove that you are never too old to retrain and have a fresh start.

An example of this is current tilling student, Wayne who has aspirations of having his own tiling company. He started working in the Painting & Decorating industry but after years of working and not enjoying it he made the decision to change. Also we have students here from all different career paths such as, Policemen/women, Black Cab drivers and even Bankers.

wayne Here is Wayne on the second day of his Tiling course

Don’t find yourself trapped in a job you don’t enjoy. We spend the majority of our adult life working, so what is the point in wasting all that time in a job that isn’t enjoyable?

Able Skills Director, Gary Measures has had this to say “Work is a large part of your life. If you don’t enjoy it, it seems a waste.”

Good news is, opportunities are out there all the time. Make a change today and retrain!

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